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How Not to Miss Out on the “High School Experience”

Going to highschool is a key part of growing up and can even be a big part of life. It’s where you meet new friends, start getting in relationships, join sports and it can even be the place that molds you for your future and who you think you might want to be. When you join high school, you start making decisions for yourself. It’s where you get your own independence and decide what you’re going to do with it. For some people, it’s too much responsibility all at once and they let things like peer pressure get in the way, just because it’s what everyone else is doing.

When you become a teenager, a lot of things start to change. Not only do you change physically with things like puberty and just growing overall, but you can also change a lot mentally; things like highschool can affect your mental health for good or for bad. Sometimes you feel like you have no one there for you, even when people are all around you and you find yourself doing anything to try to fit in. You change your style, your hair, even the way you act to try to relate to everyone else. Even when you finally fake it enough to “fit in” it’s still never good enough.

 Going to school events and doing extracurricular activities are very important things to think about doing in high school. Things like going to football games with your best friends and riding all the roller coasters at the fair are important to do outside of school, not only so you can build bonds in school with other students, teacher, and advisors, but as well as outside in the real world like workplaces , hobbies, and other likes that u most likely won’t find in your teenage years. When you also do activities like this you get the opportunities to meet even more people around your age and branch out. When you’re a teenager, things like stress and social anxiety can stop you from doing certain things, so going out and having fun with friends can help.

Focusing on getting good grades in highschool is a very important thing to do. Once you join high school, the grades from elementary school and middle school don’t matter anymore, so you want to try your best to get a fresh start quickly. Working and studying hard on tests, assignments, and just being a good student overall is very crucial to the way other teachers and peers will treat you. Being a favorful student that’s on top of their work can make you feel better about yourself and your work, it can even sometimes lift some pressure and stress off your shoulders (shown in this article*insert article*). Tests like the ACT, SAT, AP, PERT, and the PSAT are great to take because most of them will be something that colleges, universities and other programs will look for on your application papers.

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All through High School can be very stressful and hard sometimes, it can also be a great part of growing if you do it the right way. I hope this article on how not to miss out on the “High School experience” helped you if you have or are currently related with the information in the article.

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